Praktikanter 001

Mike, Nicklas and Henry are this spring trainees

Mike Kwok reads the second year of Gesab Link 2 Education in Trollhättan. Nicklas Bernardi and Henry Heed reads the second year of YRGO in Gothenburg.


Communication units

GOT Design AB on behalf of Viametrics constructed a Casing with removable covers for access to contacts and other technology for communication units with electronics.

GOT Design AB also supplies injection molded parts for the production of the device.


Kitchen tools

GOT Design AB, surface-modeled and delivered CAD models for tool production to Nyfides OF SWEDEN, Fristad Plast, injection molding production of pasta Ladle and Butter / Cheese knife. The project has been carried out in consultation between designer Christian Forsström and GOT Design AB.



Air distribution

GOT Design AB has been responsible for the construction of air ducts to Volvo’s latest car models.
To optimize the design work was done in close collaboration with suppliers and computing team.


New Lynkco

Our colleague Mai Do Phuong working on CEVT as System Engineer in “Bumper and claddings”.
The department has about 200 details and Mai is responsible for grill, bumpers front and rear, door moldings, wheel arch extensions and Fender applique


Scanias latest truck – Connecting Panel

Design, calculation and prototype and series production of components for the electrical power (Connecting Panel) intended for Scanias latest truck.


XC90 Exellence – rear center console

Wireframe Adaptation and production of lids and hinge parts for the rear center console for the Volvo Cars flagship XC90 Excellence.

Jasmine 005

New recruit

We greet Jasmine Johansson welcome to GOT Design AB. Jasmine has read two-year CAD technicians line at Halmstad University .

Filip och Linus 005

New recruits

We greet Filip Löfberg and Linus Oskarsson welcome to GOT Design AB. They start their jobs on June 7 after a two-year training CAD designer product development / design at the Polytechnic in Kungsbacka.


A tough bunch :-)

Congratulations on a good performance in Tough Viking in Slottsskogen.

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